Xenon 55W - Rally Cup

Xenon 55W - Rally Cup 

Kits HID xenon 55W rally car. Equivalent to the halogen 180W.Warranty 2 years by standard replacement on a use in Rally.French brand Kits Xenon Canbus professional, safety catch of 7th generation.FRANCE XENON accepts payments by CB, PAYPAL, CHEQUE or bank transfer.All our kits are in stock in FRANCE and will be delivered to you under 24 h to 72 h according to the means of delivery selected.
  • H1
    7 products

    Kit xenon H1 55W

  • H3
    6 products

    Kit xenon H3 55W

  • H4
    5 products

    Kit xenon H4 55W

  • H7
    8 products

    Kit xenon H7 55W

  • H11
    6 products

    Kit xenon H11 55W

  • HB3 - 9005
    3 products

    xenon kit HB3 - 9005 55W

  • HB4 - 9006
    3 products

    xenon kit HB4 - 9006 55W

  • H8
    1 products

    H8 55W Xenon kit

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