Cars Xenon HID Sets 

Here you'll find our HID Performance Xenon CANBUS No Error OBC, FRANCE-XENON company your automotive Xenon and LED specialist. Our kits are compatible with 100% market vehicles. No risk to electronics véhiucle. Check with our services.

  • Xenon Kit 25W - Approved
    40 products

    With less than 2000 Lumens, our 25W xenon conversion kit is authorized for the transition to technical control without the addition of homologation equipment such as the automatic leveling device. Our 25W xenon kit is approved for public use and is part of the road homologation. The ECE standards govern the approval of equipment for open road driving. Our Xenon 25W France-Xenon kit complies with the approval requirements of Regulation No 48 published in the Official Journal of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe on 30 May 2007 - Uniform provisions concerning the approval of vehicles with regard to concerning the installation of lighting and light-signaling devices whose limit.

  • Xenon 35W CanbusXPU
    134 products

    FRENCH BRAND LIFETIME WARRANTY Xenon Canbus Professional kits, anti-error of 7th generation. Our xenon kits with 2 64bit microprocessors are the most advanced. Advance technology, optimal management of the CANBUS of your car allows the mounting of our 35W xenon kit on all vehicles on the market. 100% compatible with your car, our xenon kit will be your best asset for your night trips. With our Xenon HID 35W conversion lights you will see up to 3 times further than with your original halogen bulbs. FRANCE XENON accepts payments by CB, PAYPAL, CHECK or BANK TRANSFER. All our kits are in stock in FRANCE and you will be delivered within 24h to 72h depending on the delivery method selected.

  • Xenon 55W - Rally Cup
    37 products
    Kits HID xenon 55W rally car. Equivalent to the halogen 180W.Warranty 2 years by standard replacement on a use in Rally.French brand Kits Xenon Canbus professional, safety catch of 7th generation.FRANCE XENON accepts payments by CB, PAYPAL, CHEQUE or bank transfer.All our kits are in stock in FRANCE and will be delivered to you under 24 h to 72 h according to the means of delivery selected.
  • Xenon 75W - Xtrem Cup
    15 products
    Kits xenon HID car rally in 75W. Equivalent to the halogen 280W.Warranty 2 years by standard replacement on a use in Rally.
  • Xenon 100W - WarmCup
    Kits xenon HID car rally in 100W. Equivalent to the halogen 340W.Warranty 2 years by standard replacement on a use in Rally.
  • Warning Canceller...
    19 products

    Module safety catch for recent cars

  • Certification
    1 products

    The headlamp are mandatory in the monte of a kit xenon for the passage to the technical control.Here we propose you all the appropriate equipment.

  • Full xenon Pack - Auto
    1440 products
    Packs Full xenon for your vehicle
  • Xenon Adapter
    29 products
    These adapters allow you to mount your xenon on your original optical kits.Essentially on German vehicles
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