H1 High Power LED

H1 High Power LED 

Very high power H1 LED bulbs to achieve a light output almost equivalent to a xenon HID kit. Our H1 LED conversion bulbs have a very powerful lighting quality, no heating during use thanks to their cooling system, waterproof, dustproof (resistant to dust), resistant to vibrations.


The H1 bulb was the first bulb approved in the automobile. Its first use dates back to 1962 in Europe, it took until 1997 to see it homologated in the USA. Today we offer you an evolution for this H1 bulb by offering you an H1 LED bulb to replace your original halogen bulb. The base of the H1 LED bulb is the same as the base of the halogen version, it is P14.5s standard. This is a round with a 14.5mm flat to ensure that the H1 LED bulb is mounted in the correct direction. Originally, the H1 bulb has a power of 55W for 12V and 70W for 24V, our H1 LED bulbs are less energy-consuming. 

The colour : 

H1 halogen bulbs produce a warm color, a white that tends to yellow, our H1 LED solutions allow you to obtain brilliant pure white lighting, ranging from 5000°K to 6000°K, a real plus for your night driving . You will distinguish all the details of the road easily as in broad daylight. 

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