Xenon 35W CanbusXPU

Xenon 35W CanbusXPU 

FRENCH BRAND LIFETIME WARRANTY Xenon Canbus Professional kits, anti-error of 7th generation. Our xenon kits with 2 64bit microprocessors are the most advanced. Advance technology, optimal management of the CANBUS of your car allows the mounting of our 35W xenon kit on all vehicles on the market. 100% compatible with your car, our xenon kit will be your best asset for your night trips. With our Xenon HID 35W conversion lights you will see up to 3 times further than with your original halogen bulbs. FRANCE XENON accepts payments by CB, PAYPAL, CHECK or BANK TRANSFER. All our kits are in stock in FRANCE and you will be delivered within 24h to 72h depending on the delivery method selected.

  • H1
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    Xenon kit H1 35W assembly original type to convert the lighting of your car, which is in halogen, by our xenon system. Xenon 35W HID is xenon that is mounted on 95% of vehicles on vehicles with original xenon. Our H1 35W Xenon kit allows you to change your dipped beam, high beam and fog lamp. If you are looking for superior visual comfort, our 35W H1 xenon kit is for you. They can be mounted on any type of vehicle, sedan, city car, 4x4, pickup, with a xenon you will see further and wider. Our 35W metal ballasts change the voltage of your vehicle which is 12V by 80V with a peak ignition at 25 000V to turn on the bulb 35W xenon bulb H1. This high-voltage voltage allows system lighting of your H1 xenon conversion system. Our CANBUS Xenon modules are 99% of the cars on the market, we always have the solution for mounting on your car. The bulbs of our xenon kits are of high quality and have a yield of nearly 90% for the power of 35W. The glass of the H1 35W xenon bulb is controlled during manufacture to ensure that xenon gas is uniformly lit. Our High Intensity Discharge technology is found in a maximum of high-end vehicle market. Our Xenon kits FDR3 +, or SD2 board advanced management microprocessors so as not to interfere with the electronics of your car. To simplify the understanding for the choice of a xenon, we recommend CANBUS kits for vehicles from 2004 in the majority of cases. Some vehicles, especially those belonging to the VAG group, have a specific system and require a CANBUS microprocessor module such as our Xenon Luxe Xpu FDR3 + kit. you will not have a problem with the wiper grilled with our xenon. The exemplary production of every xenon system in our company is a guarantee of safety for your driving pleasure. Our Premium HID xenon kits are the most efficient on the market, our SD2 + range is the most advanced xenon kit in the world, the CANBUS V2 internal allows mounting on almost all vehicles on the market without adding additional elements. A 35W xenon light is 3 times more powerful than your original 55W halogen light. The light output of over 3200Lms is 300% more powerful than your original lighting, you will truly see every detail of the road, distinguish each element further, your field of vision is wider with xenon. The warranty of our xenon kits agree on the ballasts, we will make a replacement of nine of your system if it is defective. Xenon kits SD2 + H1 35W also have a lifetime warranty on 35W FBI xenon bulbs that make up the kit. A real guarantee of tranquility with our lifetime warranty on Xenon kits France-Xenon.

  • H3
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    Kit xenon H3

  • H4
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    Kit xenon H4

  • H7
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    Xenon kit H7

  • H9
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    H9 xenon Kit

  • H11
    18 products

    Kit xenon H11

  • HB2-9004
    4 products

    Kit xenon HB2-9004

  • HB3-9005
    6 products

    Kit xenon HB3-9005

  • HB4-9006
    6 products

    Kit xenon-9006 HB4

  • H8
    4 products

    H8 xenon Kit

  • H15
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    Kit xenon H15

  • H9B
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    Kit xenon H9B

  • 880
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    Kit xenon 880

  • 881
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    Kit xenon 881

  • Integrated projector
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    Prjecteur integrated xenon Kit

  • P21W - W5W - W21W
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    A 35W xenon kit with a rear base specially designed to accept the bases W5W, W21W, or even P21W. EXCEPTIONAL Xenon lighting for your original P21W bulb. Kit specially designed to change the bulbs of your car's reversing lights. Extremely powerful reverse, there you can not miss any detail on the road. You will multiply by 4 the light range of your original halogen bulbs.
  • HB5 - 9007
    3 products

    Kit Xenon HB 5 - 9007

  • HB6 / H13 - 9008
    3 products

    Kit Xenon HB6 H13 - 9008

  • H10 / 9145
    4 products

    xenon kit H10 - 9145

  • HIR2 - 9012
    3 products

    Xenon Kit - HIR2 / 9012

  • D2S
    3 products

    Kit Xenon D2S

  • PSX24W
    3 products

    Kit 35W HID xenon PSX24W in 4300K, 6000K and 8000K.

  • H11B
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    H11B 35W xenon kit by France-Xenon, the real specialist in xenon conversion kits in Europe.

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