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Here you will find all of our electronic accessories, parking sensors, magnetic parking sensors, reversing camera, odb interface

  • OBDII interface
    1 products
    Interface OBD 2 to interact with your computer.
  • Rear Parking Sensor &...
    31 products
    A range of radar of retreat available to equip your car!
  • Audio - Video - GPS
    All audio equipment, video and gps for your vehicle.
  • Dashcam
    8 products
    Dashcam high performance camera in full HD and even 4K. Great diversity of products and high quality
  • Headlight
    20 products

    full tuning flagship optical DECTANE and AUTO CO

    4 products
    COVERING TOTAL, TOTAL OF 3 CARBON VINYL Black, white, matte, glossy
  • Tracker GPS
    Tracker - GPS plotter you follow your fleet of vehicles.
  • Car Key Cover
    Discover our range of protective covers Silicone remote. A key type for each AUDI, BMW, Citroen, Peugeot, Seat, Skoda, Volkswagen. Advantages of our cases: Protects against shocks, scratches and other addicts, protects buttons and the housing, Customization thanks to the many colors.
  • Blind spot detection...
    1 products
    Your blind spot detector aftermarket
  • Front Grill
    44 products

    Grid grille for your car lowest prices on the internet

  • Wheels
    5 products
    Alloy wheels and accessories for your rims
  • Jump Starter
    11 products

    Unique products to change your everyday life! Do not stand still because of a battery short of breath. Get out of any situation with the portable backup battery to start your car! Our high quality Jump Starter will help you out in any situation.

  • Electronic products on...
    20 products

    Products on sale with or without relation to automotive lighting, the corner of bargains

  • Parfums D'ambiance
    25 products
    Wide range of high-end fragrances. Subtle flavors and a great quality car, wardrobe, drawer, purse, briefcase, etc.
  • PHILIPS Range
    272 products

    All Philips range can be found here.

  • OSRAM Range
    230 products

    All OSRAM range is here.

  • Real Carbon Steering...
    7 products
    France-Xenon in partnership with a saddler, offers a customization service for your fully configurable steering wheel in carbon, leather, alcantara ... Choice of shape as you wish, steering wheel with flat, carbon, with carbon insert, steering wheel Type Jet cut in leather and real carbon. TOTALLY personalized for perfect quality and an unbeatable price.
  • Tuning
    Assortiment Tuning onderdelen variërend van het geanodiseerde tuning trekoog tot de wedstrijdpookknop en kantelbare kentekenplaathouders
  • Tactical Flashlight
    18 products

    True tactical flashlights are designed with critical situations and self-defense in mind. It's more than just a look. Tactical flashlights usually feature high output brightness, strobe mode, front projection switch for momentary activation.

    The best tactical flashlights do more than shine a light for you in the dark - they come with a feature set and construction that gives you access to your essential work, especially when lives are on the line.

  • Derivatives
    6 products

    Derived products concerning the France-Xenon, Xenled and other brands. Thanks to our lasting partnerships, we are committed to providing you with quality products

  • LED bike
    25 products

    Genuine LED lamps are designed with critical and extreme situations in mind. It's more than just a look. Bike lights usually feature high output brightness, strobe mode.

    The best LED bike lights do more than shine a light for you in the dark—they come with a feature set and build that takes you to the next level of safety.

  • Detailing lighting
    3 products

    Welcome to the Garage and Barber Detailing Lighting category! Dive into a universe where precision and aesthetics converge to offer an unparalleled detailing experience. Whether you're an automotive enthusiast or a meticulous barber, our selection of lighting is designed to illuminate your workspace and enhance every aspect of your craft.

    In this dedicated space, you'll discover a diverse range of lighting options specifically curated to meet the needs of discerning professionals. From the garage to the barber shop, our collection is meticulously chosen to provide lighting solutions that combine functionality, durability, and contemporary design.

    For automotive enthusiasts, our range of garage lighting stands out for its ability to illuminate every corner of your workspace. Whether you're performing meticulous paint correction, polishing wheels, or inspecting your vehicle for the slightest imperfections, our high-performance LED lamps offer exceptional brightness and accurate color reproduction, allowing you to work with surgical precision.

    In the world of barbering, light plays a crucial role in achieving impeccable cuts and precise finishes. Our selection of lighting for barbers provides a warm and welcoming ambiance while ensuring optimal visibility of every detail. From pendant lamps to lights integrated into mirrors, each element is designed to create an atmosphere conducive to creativity and perfection.

    Because we understand the importance of a reliable and high-performing light source, we partner with the most reputable brands in the industry to offer you superior quality products. Robust, energy-efficient, and equipped with the latest technological advances, our lighting solutions are designed to withstand the rigors of intensive professional use while offering remarkable energy efficiency.

    Whether you're a seasoned professional seeking top-of-the-line equipment or a passionate amateur looking to transform your workspace, our selection of garage and barber detailing lighting is sure to meet your most demanding expectations. Explore our catalog now and let the light guide your art to new heights of perfection.

  • Care products
    7 products

    Dive into our extensive range of car care products and cleaning wipes, designed to bring back the shine to your vehicle. Explore our collection of professional cleaners, specially formulated to remove dirt, stains and residue, while preserving the shine and beauty of your bodywork. Our handy cleaning wipes offer a quick and effective solution to maintaining the interior and exterior of your car, ensuring impeccable results every time. Whether you want to remove traces of dust from the dashboard, clean windows without leaving streaks or restore shine to your rims, our selection of high-end products meets all your needs. With ecological and environmentally friendly formulas, we offer you an effective cleaning solution while preserving the health of your car and the planet. Trust our expertise to keep your vehicle in optimal condition, and turn every journey into a refreshing and enjoyable driving experience. Discover our collection of car care products and cleaning wipes now, and restore your vehicle to its original shine.

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