H7 High Power LED

H7 High Power LED 

Very high power H7 conversion LED kits composed of Lumiled Philips LED chipsets and also CREE chipsets to achieve very high lumen output. These LED modules are very powerful and light very well. Our H7 LED bulbs can be used in low beam, high beam and fog lights with very powerful lighting quality, no overheating during use thanks to their active cooling system with fan or passive, resists humidity, dust-resistant, vibration-resistant.

  • Exceptional light output : The H7 LED conversion kit offers superior brightness compared to traditional halogen bulbs, ensuring increased visibility on the road.

  • Quality LED Chipsets : This kit is equipped with high quality LED chipsets, ensuring reliable and long-lasting performance. Lumiled Philips and CREE LEDs provide very high lumen output.

  • Versatility of use : H7 LED bulbs can be used for low beam, high beam and fog lights, providing a complete lighting solution for your vehicle.

  • Reliability and durability : Resistant to moisture, dust and vibration, these LED bulbs are designed to cope with all driving conditions, ensuring consistent performance and long life.

  • Effective cooling : Thanks to an active or passive cooling system, these LED bulbs remain at an optimal temperature even during prolonged use, preventing overheating and ensuring maximum performance.

  • Easy Installation : Designed to fit perfectly into standard H7 sockets, these LED bulbs install easily, requiring no modifications to your existing electrical system.

  • Energy Saving : LEDs use less energy than traditional halogen bulbs, reducing the load on your vehicle's electrical system while extending the life of your battery.

  • Modern Aesthetics : In addition to their impressive performance, these LED bulbs provide a modern look to your vehicle, improving its overall appearance on the road.

In summary, the H7 LED conversion kit represents a premium lighting solution, offering exceptional brightness, unrivaled reliability and rock-solid durability. Choose excellence and light your way with confidence with this high-performance LED conversion kit.

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