H9 25W Xenon Kits - 2000 Lumens

H9 25W Xenon Kits - 2000 Lumens 

H9 25W xenon kit - Incomparable light range with your original halogens, driving comfort because of a big gain in visibility. To try it is to adopt it ! Our 25W France-Xenon xenon kit allows you to see better, react faster and thus greatly improve your safety. No longer take any risks when driving at night with our 25W xenon kit.

A CANBUS kit: HID xenon bulbs, which consume less energy, can sometimes be confused with a defective halogen bulb by certain modern computers. This is why our 25W xenon kits have optimized microprocessor management. The increased stability of our xenon kit guarantees you a very long lifespan for your H9 25W Xenon bulbs.

Our original 25W Xenon kit develops a power of only 2 x 25w, (compared to 2 x 55w for halogen), however, it illuminates twice as much as your original lighting. You can easily claim 100% more visibility. Our premium ODB xenon kit offers you the possibility of mounting on all vehicles on the market. The efficiency of our xenon kit is greater than 95%, all of the power passes into the 25W bulb, which ensures perfect lighting on the road. Our H9 25W xenon conversion kit, the references of which you will find below, complies with the approval requirements of Regulation No. 48 published in the official journal on May 30, 2007 of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe – Uniform requirements relating to the approval of vehicles with regard to the installation of lighting and light signaling devices including the limit. Paragraph 6.2.9 of this document specifies that “Dipped headlights equipped with light sources having a normal luminous flux greater than 2,000 lumens can only be installed if one or more headlamp cleaner(s), in application of the regulation No. 45, is (are) also installed (9). Furthermore, with regard to vertical inclination, the requirements of paragraph do not apply. » Consequently, it is not necessary to have a headlight washer or automatic leveling corrector for the installation of a lighting system of less than 2000 Lumens.

Plug & Play assembly, no cables to cut, the installation of your 25W xenon is completely reversible, all screws are provided. Ballasts and bulbs are made to best integrate with your car. Our high-quality manufacturing process ensures quality, safety and security for your high-end 25W product. These Premium HID Xenon Conversion Kits are the most advanced on the market. This High Intensity Discharge technology, called HID Xenon, is found in all high-end vehicles on the market.

The lifetime warranty of our 25W xenon kit allows you to have peace of mind wherever you are.

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