Xenon Kits H7 25W - Approved

Xenon Kits H7 25W - Approved 

H7 25W 2000Lumens xenon kit on public roads to drive with complete peace of mind! Does not require the installation of a headlight washer or leveling corrector. Incomparable gain in brightness - Driving comfort, especially at night - Limits visual fatigue Rediscover the pleasure of driving! THE H7 25W Xenon kit that will light you up every day.

Compliant with directive 48 of the European regulations, our kit does not need headlight washer and leveling corrector in certain European countries, such as the 25W Xenon which are fitted as standard on new vehicles, such as the Mercedes C W205 with xenon or the Tesla Model S and its 25W xenon low beam lights.

Our 25W Xenon kits:

With their plug&play assembly, our 25W xenon kits are easy to assemble. Installing a xenon kit is within everyone's reach, you do not need any special equipment for assembly. All you have to do is remove your original halogen bulb, then mount our 25W xenon bulb instead, between your car and the xenon bulb you insert a box called a 25W ballast. Our 25W CANBUS xenon kits allow you to mount them on the majority of vehicles on the market. We have a LUXURY version of this xenon kit which allows you to mount it on 99% of vehicles on the market. You have the choice between several colors for your bulbs, 4300°K is the color of the original xenon; 5000°K is a completely white and neutral xenon, no yellow reflection, no blue reflection; 6000°K, which is often called Blanc Cristal, is a white with slight bluish reflections; 8000°K is a rather blue xenon. All these color temperatures allow you to make the choice you really want. The higher you go in Kelvin, the less luminous flux you will have. Maximum power is reached at 4300°K.

Our Lifetime Warranty on 25W xenon kits:

Our lifetime warranty applies to all 25W xenon ballasts that we sell in our kits! If your 25W ballast breaks down, we will replace it with new ones. Our 25W xenon bulbs are guaranteed for 3 years on most 25W xenon kits. You just need to check the guarantees on each product sheet. Our 25W HID xenon kits are of high quality, which is why we only change the ballast very rarely during the life of your product.

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